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Hello from the Shaw Museum, operated by the National Mary Potter Club. We are a small non profit house museum dedicated to preserving the legacy of Dr. George Clayton Shaw and the Mary Potter Academy, which was built in 1898 in Oxford, North Carolina. Dr. Shaw's influence is legendary and far reaching.

Our Grand Reunion was a whopping success. We ate. We made new friends. We enjoyed new friends. We reminisced. We were glad to see you. We wished you were there. Pictures coming soon.

Meet Mary Potter
Want to know what our benefactor looked like? Click Here to go to a website with Her picture. In the search box enter type "Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Potter". Mrs. Potter should be the first in the list. Remember that the images in this database cannot be used for any commercial purposes. That includes most uses beyond private viewing on your personal device. We are working acquiring the rights to use the image.

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