Mary Potter High School Clubs

"Bunker Hill"
the Just Science Club
Bi Phy Chem
Carver Chem Cam
Commercial Co-ed
New Farmers of America
New Homemakers of America
The H.S. Davis Ensemble
The Girls' Trio
The "Rams,"
the "Cracker Box,"
Mary Potter Gazette
Choral Club
Dramatic Club
Library Club
Patrol Force
Y Teams
Big Sisters Club
Crown and Scepter Club

The Alma Mater of Mary Potter School

Words and Music by Thalia D. Moore, 1929
Arranged by Richard Carroll, Jr., 1930

Dear MPM my heart it is with thee.
Sweet thoughts of you will always dwell in me.
Though far away we yet may roam and live
Whatever good perchance I do 'twill be for Thee.


My Mary Potter dear I love thee.
My Mary Potter dear I cherish thee.
Thru hardships, fortunes and fame.
I'll always honor your dear name.
My Alma Mater dear I love thee.
My Alma Mater dear I'll cherish thee
And that you may ever live, my life
For you I'll give.